Reflexology for Infertility and Subfertility

At Keystone Holistic we can support you through this challenging time, as you work towards becoming pregnant.

Finding out that you will have difficulties conceiving or bringing a pregnancy to term is an extremely stressful time. When your body is in this stressed and exhausted state it can throw your body completely off balance and work against your efforts to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Stress can affect ovulation, libido, can rob the body of key nutrients, weaken the immune system and lead to depression and anxiety.

At Keystone Holistic we like to treat if at all possible both partners.

Reflexology can promote relaxation and provide much needed stress relief that will get your body back in balance.

This time of relaxation and time-out can help you to sleep better and more restfully.

By working the reflexes for your endocrine system it can help you to achieve more regular cycles and can enhance your sex drive.

Reflexology works best if you allow a minimum of 2 menstrual cycles of regular weekly Reflexology sessions then monthly sessions timed just before ovulation.

There is no need to stop treatment because of fertility medication. Reflexology is a complementary therapy.

Pre –IVF  we work to relax the Uterus this facilitates better implantation and enhance energy to the testes to aid sperm production.
During IVF  we work to stimulate ovarian and endometrial blood flow and also to relax the uterus before and after the embryo transfer.

At Keystone Holistic we see our role as enhancing a couple’s experience towards achieving a pregnancy.

If you think Reflexology could be of benefit to you

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